Welcome aboard Taste for Travel.  I’m Heather Tyler. Journalist, author, editor, website writer, coffee fan. I believe travel, food and culture are inseparable. I like a side order of the unexpected. Homelands: Australia, Greece, New Zealand. Books also rock my world. I believe in respectfully connecting with a place rather than rushing through. Reasonably bi-lingual. Enthusiastic, if unrefined cook. Women are travelling like never before and other people’s journeys fascinate me. So I write about theirs too.

I believe in compassionate, ethical travel, respectfully connecting with a place rather than rushing through. I inherited my lovely mother’s boundless curiosity about our world. Being able to go beyond my own back yard is a gift that I never take for granted, and like most people, can’t always afford.

My seafaring great, great grandfather’s spirit of adventure has also been handed down. Captain M.T. Clayton, a master maritime painter, sailed tall-masted ships around the world. He traded sandalwood in the South Pacific, delivered immigrants safely to their new homes, raced in huge ships called tea-clippers and commanded The Kent, one of the most famous ships to trade between the British colonies and London in the 19th Century.

Beachfront cafe on Mykonos

  • My main areas of interest and information for travellers are Europe, the Mediterranean (particularly Greece)Australia and New Zealand. Asia pops up too.
  • Meeting the locals and fellow travellers along the way is one of the joys of going places. I like to write about that.
  • Because food is inseparable from culture and often the way we most keenly taste our travel experience, I explore flavours from many places.
  • Content is carefully curated to reflect up-to-date information.
  • Travel has hazards. I write about the downside too.
  • I also write about books for armchair travel. Other people’s adventures are food for thought.
  •  Ask Sally is occasional tongue-in-cheek advice from our relationships and travel etiquette “guru” Sally Slaughter.
  • Contributors are welcome. Thinly-disguised link offers are rejected outright. And spammers can go to hell.

Asylum: Voices Behind the Razor WireI wrote about my own travel and culture shock in contributing chapters to Foreign Women in Greece, a guide to surviving life in the land of the gods and modern cross-cultural challenges, and then wrote about other people’s odysseys in my debut non-fiction book, Asylum: Voices Behind the Razor Wire, published by Lothian Books in 2003 (reprinted the same year) and shortlisted for a major literary award in 2004. The book revealed the plight of asylum seekers running from persecution and warn-torn countries, telling their stories in their own words, and seeking sanctuary in Australia only to end up behind razor wire in the kafka-esque system of mandatory immigration detention. I’m writing another book now – and yes, it’s about journeys.

Heather at Hadrian's Arch copy

My skills are for hire. Why should you hire me?

  • Experience: I have many years experience in media, from writing for print through to TV and digital.
  • Editing: I’ve been editing copy for 20 years. I know how to make mediocre copy sing, and I fact-check rigorously.
  • Quality copy: I never misplace apostrophes. My writing is accurate and grammatically correct.
  • Writing style: My writing is empathetic, as well as informing and entertaining.
  • Adaptability: I understand the needs of the changing media landscape and how to write quality content for a variety of outlets.
  • Punctuality: I am as punctual as the Greek postal service. No, I take that back. I’m as punctual as the commissioning editor needs me to be. I never miss a deadline. No excuses.
  • Photography: I provide quality pictures, with proper captions. I take most images on Taste for Travel.

Olives at Glyfada market


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