Things Can Only Get Feta

Marjory McGinn

Two British journalists and their dog decide to leave a sleepy Scottish village for Greece. Just as the economic crisis hits hard. The challenging first year of the adventure, living in a remote hillside village, became the book Things Can Only Get Feta (Bene Factum Publishing). Author Marjory McGinn tells why the southern region of Mani […]

Aussie girl's guide to Delicious Days in Paris

Delicious Days in Paris

WHAT: Delicious Days in Paris by Jane Paech, published by Lantern, an imprint of Penguin Books, $A35. It comprises 14 walking tours to explore the city’s food and culture and where to buy the best goodies. Each chapter is named according to Jane’s favourite foods and drinks – for example Chapter 4 is called Mousse au […]